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Welcome To The Grunts of Dawn

Welcome to our website!

By [Officer] iihaas O - Posted Aug 14, 17

The Grunts of Dawn - Tarren Mill Eu Horde

We originally formed back in 2013 and are ready to take on all the challenges that Azeroth has to offer. Our core members have a 10 year strong tradition of presenting themselves as mature, sensible raiders with good conduct within the community. We have a diverse collection of raiders from all over the greater Europe area (and even further), dedicated to having fun in both progression and farm raids. Our leadership have been selected from a committed, principled core of Officers and Veterans. 


Our guild ethos is to put the raiders first as we hold the belief that a happy and relaxed team will perform better in the long run. Most of our raiders have raided at a very high level in the past and have created a new total game and guild experience offering Raiding, Mythic+ and PVP aswell as a truly great social environment.

Our new applicants will need to be willing to work and help build along side us. Some members of our guild leadership have had huge experience in doing just this, and infact they have setup 2 guilds in the past that went on to compete for realm first raid kills, becoming guilds that many other players aspired to join.

So if you think that what we are offering sounds like something you would like to be a part of feel free to apply here and/or contact us in game. Currently we are raiding Wednesday and Sunday, with an Alt night on Thursday - 8pm-11pm realm time.

Anarthas (GM)



Nasgore (RL)



Ameara (Officer)



Ilurus (Officer)



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